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Hot Pot Digital

The PAE Group (China) were launching a UK-based company which specialises in handling Chinese social media for UK brands. 1977 Design were involved from the initial discussions regarding the business and brand strategy with the PAE Group, through to designing, developing and implementing the new brand. 


During our research it became clear that the focus should be on the social rather than media. Hot pot is the social dish of China. It is a lively occasion when friends come together to talk about their lives, their hopes and their desires. Hot Pot Digital makes sure that their clients brands are at the table with the Chinese consumer. 


The aim was to combine some traditional Chinese elements with a clean, modern design approach. Hot pot is served in a large, circular bowl in the middle of a larger, circular table, hence our representation of this in graphic form in the brand identity. The circle also represents the Hot Pot Digital approach of putting their clients in the same space as Chinese consumers.

What we worked on

Brand Strategy, brand identity, brand environment, marketing materials, website

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